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Our goal is to make it easier for you to run your business. Period. Magpie Property Management Software offers everything you need to fill your rooms, manage your guests and maintain your property. Our software offers the following features and is integrated with several industry leaders to offer you the best options for your property. (See our PRICING page for more details.)


As the leading small business accounting software provider, QuickBooks was the natural choice for integration with Magpie PMS.

Payments, invoices and credits are automatically entered into your QBOE account in real time as your staff uses Magpie PMS.

For example, when Front Desk checks a guest out, the following bookkeeping is done automatically:
1. An invoice is created.
2. Payments and deposits are applied to the invoice (including payments made after checkout).
3. If applicable, credits are created for all third party vendors (booking agents, commissions, etc.)


Ordyx Point of Sale manages everything from inventory and employee timecards, to waitstaff touchscreen kiosks.

Once connected to Magpie PMS, Ordyx allows your waitstaff to charge meals directly to your guest's room, in real time, ensuring that all charges are posted to the room folio by the time your guest checks out.


If you use online travel agents (OTAs) like or, RateWizz channel manager enables you to manage inventory and reservations from one central interface.

When a guest books through an OTA, the reservation and guest information are automatically entered in Magpie, and your inventory in the OTA is adjusted accordingly. 


One of the challenges of operating a condo-hotel or timeshare resort is maintaining accurate books for the owners.

Magpie is extremely flexible and powerful in its handling of owner accounting, accurately calculating fees, owner payments, and creating credits in QuickBooks.


Magpie Property Management Software currently offers four different credit card processing options to our clients:

     Intuit Merchant Services




Magpie PMS automatically syncs inventory and reservations, creating a seamless partnership between your booking engine and your property management software.

We offer several booking engine options for you to choose from, including two of our own design and one from Bookassist.


Housekeeping and maintenance issues can make or break your reputation, so let Magpie PMS make it easier for you to track work orders.

Some of the features include the ability to:
1. Upload before and after photos
2. Assign work orders to either a staff member or an outside vendor
3. Create vendor bills once work is completed
4. Manage reoccurring maintenance tasks
5. Send emails to staff on a daily basis, outlining work orders and outstanding issues



We are currently developing an Android app which will provide two-way communication (as well as many other features) between our housekeeping, security, and maintenance staff and the front desk. Join our mailing list and be the first to know when the UpKeep app becomes available.

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